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  1. Jenn says:

    Hi.. I have a 33 month old boy who I can not get to sleep! I truthfully do not know where I went wrong! I tried everything. Now its 10:30 and he is in his bed, but still up. We started a routine dinner, TV, bath, snack/milk, pick out the books , put them on his bed. Then TV for a little more and by 9:00 in bed! But he fights me.. He cried and still nothing.. What am I doing wrong?? Please, I need help!

    • Sleepy Kidz says:

      First, it is recommended no TV or anything with bright lights within the hour before bed as the lights are stimulating and inhibit our body from producing melatonin that makes us tired. I would also move his bedtime earlier, the natural bedtime is more between 6-8 (you can gradually move it earlier). He may be overtired and which in case actually makes it harder for kids to fall asleep. How much sleep total is he getting at night and during naps? Is he able to self-soothe and put himself to bed and sleep through the night? I always recommend white noise machines and also teaching him relaxation skills (it is not natural to many kids on how to relax and go to sleep). Also, does he get attention once you leave the room and say goodnight? A sticker chart always works great in addition to give him rewards for successfully going to bed on his own. Let me know and I am happy to provide more help :).

  2. Karen says:

    Would like to get in touch with you regarding a new resource for parents our Good Night, Sleep Tight chart can be found on our website – helps to create the perfect bedtime routine for children.

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