About Sleepy Kidz

Sleepy Kidz is here to help parents and professionals learn more about kids and sleep. Dr. Robin Sakakini received her B.S. in developmental psychology from Duke University and her Psy.D. in school psychology from St. John’s University. She is currently a practicing school psychologist, licensed psychologist (PSY25438), and pediatric behavioral sleep medicine specialist. Throughout her graduate career and since graduation she has focused on pediatric sleep problems in her research, practice, publications, and presentations at local and national conventions (National Association of School Psychologists, American Psychological Association, Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies). In addition to her professional endeavors, she has extensive experience working with families in New York City and Los Angeles as a nanny. As a nanny she gained valuable, real-world experience helping families develop healthy sleep habits for their little ones. From sleep hygiene to sleep interventions, Sleepy Kidz will bring the latest research combined with practical advice for new parents, experienced parents and professionals working with children about sleep.