New Safe Sleep Recommendations

The American Academy of Pediatrics released new safe sleep recommendations to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The AAP recommends no bumpers in the crib, immunizations and breast feeding to reduce the risk of SIDS. While bumpers are definitely cute and inviting, they do not reduce the risk of injury and do increase the chances of suffocation and strangulation. Therefore, pediatricians say bumpers do not belong in the crib (even the breathable ones). They recommend a firm mattress and fitted sheet, with no gaps between the mattress and crib. In addition, no stuffed animals, wedges, sleep positioners, or blankets in the crib. Further, they recommend that babies sleep in the crib regularly and not in car seats or other sitting devices (swings, bouncy seats, etc.). As far as immunizations, which I know have become a controversy among some parents (due to the media coverage of the possibility of them causing Autism – the research shows this is not true), they say that the risk of SIDS is reduced by 50% when infants are immunized.

Other safe sleep recommendations include using a pacifier at nap and bed time (I would recommend taking away by 3-4 months when the child is developmentally able to self-soothe). Also, to place babies on their backs for every sleep time. Finally, they recommend supervised, awake tummy time to facilitate development and minimize
the occurrence of flat head.

With these new recommendations, do you think parents will stop putting bumpers in cribs?

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